Innovative packaging

The pressure to protect the environment has never been as strong as now. Excessive use of natural resources, CO2 emissions and tonnes of residual waste are the greatest threat to the environment.
At PROST-KEY Packaging, we have taken steps to:

…consumption of raw materials in
the packaging production process
... even more protection
for the packed product
... 100% recyclable packaging

Lower consumption of raw materials

We have reduced raw material consumption compared to the production of solid cardboard packaging. The use of low-weight cardboard with a low wave (E, F, N) allowed us to reduce the consumption of raw material, without compromising the quality and durability of packaging. What's more, our packaging obtains better strength parameters compared to solid cardboard packaging.

Less grammage means more m2 with the same amount of raw material

Any damaged packaging has potential costs. The right selection of cardboard and a patented laminating method mean that our innovative packaging achieves higher strength parameters. This has a direct impact on the safety of the packed product, both during transport and during storage. Damaged packaging is a potential cost, including costs of damaged product, disposal, etc. More importantly, the appearance of the packaging affects the brand / company image. Damaged or distorted packaging, instead of being an advertisement, may become its anti-advertisement.