We operate responsibly at Prost-Key


At PROST-KEY Packaging, we are aware that our actions affect the planet. We strive to work to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

When designing our packaging, we use the principle of limiting the use of raw materials. We use raw materials from certified sources (FSC certificate) as well as from recycled materials.

For years, we have been ensuring proper waste segregation. Unused sheets and production waste are pressed and then returned to a paper mill for recycling.

We strive to make our production process and products as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our packaging is recyclable.
We make sure that the waste generated in the production of packaging goes to the appropriate containers.
Rational resource management
We use ecological raw materials: both paper and paint.
In our factory, employees use ecological waste segregation bins.
We buy raw materials with FSC certification, which means that they were obtained as part of responsible forest management.

Ecological solutions

Nowadays, packaging is used on a mass scale, both in developed and developing countries. They are so deeply rooted in our daily lives that functioning without them would not be possible these days. They fulfill many functions: protective, transport, information and marketing. At the same time, they are a source of many civilization threats. First of all, heaps of used packaging, growing quickly, polluted forests, seas, lakes, "flying" plastic packaging. Secondly, excessive use of natural resources and water, not to mention CO2 emissions.

The fact is that every year we produce more and more garbage. The latest data (CSO) say that the average Polish citizen produces 315 kg annually, compared to other European Union countries, we are in 14th place. According to the World Bank, in 2050 the world's inhabitants will generate as much as 3.4 billion solid waste. One way to reduce the amount of garbage that is left behind is recycling, which means reusing it. Suitable for reuse include paper, glass, wood, plastic, metals. some of them can be processed even several times, among others, paper.

Packaging made from paper and cardboard seems to be closest to the concept of environmentally friendly packaging. They are made of materials:

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