Advertising materials POS (point of sale)

Promotion of products at the point of sale.
When creating advertising materials, we focus on their marketing overtones. Shapes, colors and display are to attract customers here and now. When designing the graphic design, we do not forget about the practicality of the solutions offered. Our products may have, e.g. a feeder function, thanks to which products move "to the first place" under the influence of gravity.
Advertising display made of cardboard are a cheap way to effectively promote the brand during industry events. They are simple and quick to install, and their small size and weight make their transport virtually trouble-free.
Leaflets display is a useful and convenient solution that works great at fairs and meetings. They are arranged on countertops and desks, always within reach of the person who visits the given advertising stand. They facilitate the distribution of promotional materials and additionally display them. We make leaflets in various sizes, adapted to the format of company leaflets, catalogs or brochures.