Cardboard packaging

Attracting the attention of a potential customer is the first step to becoming interested in your commercial offer and the emergence of a desire to make a purchase. How can it be done ? There are many methods, but the most effective are corrugated packaging and laminated packaging, and visually attractive boxes made of corrugated board or laminated cardboard are perfect for advertising products. Prost-Key, as a manufacturer of decorative packaging, specializes in the production of laminated packaging and offers proven solutions that meet your expectations.

Laminated packaging is the best way to advertise products.

Laminated packaging is made by gluing solid cardboard (with or without printing) to corrugated cardboard – due to this, we get more refined and attractive (with laminated sheet printing) and more durable packaging. The laminated sheet can be “sealed and decorated as desired”, which will have a reflection in the aesthetics of the packaging. This type of packaging is widely used in various industries and allows you to advertise a variety of products.

The most important advantage of this type of solution – needless to say – is its aesthetics: laminated packaging can be of different shapes, sizes and designs. On the outer surface of the package, you can apply a seal, refine the surface, for example, using varnishes: UV, soft touch, mat, dispersion varnish, hot stampling, which have one goal – to attract the attention of potential customers and increase sales.

Bet on the best packaging –  a laminated one!

High-quality offset printing, an appropriate selection of raw materials, as well as modern lamination machines work for high efficiency.

Laminated packaging combines the most important packaging features:

  • Visual appeal – thanks to the use of offset printing and various types of decorations, it attracts the eyes of customers;
  • It provides a wide choice of designs;
  • It ensures the safety of the packaged product.

We invite you to contact our specialists – we will design, produce and deliver you laminated packaging adapted to your needs, which will help you in effective advertising of your brand of products and trademark. We guarantee that no client will pass by indifferently!